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Gully Works 2.0

It's been a while since our last 'post', of which was written very soon after we collectively birthed Ilkley MTB and took on our first dig day. Since then, Ilkley MTB has blossomed for the better and has gained traction locally. In fact, we're almost a year old. 


Gully has developed into a way bigger project than we'd originally imagined. There's no doubt that it's the trail that gets the most mtb traffic on the moors and in doing so, gets the most beat up. We've now spent about 5 full days working on the top section of the trail which aint no easy task when you're carting the fruits of old quarry spoil across moorland to try and build a more stable base to ride on. 

Anyway, Gully is nearly finished. Nearly open for action again so thanks to all those who've got involved and help us 'make gully great again'. 

Sam Needham