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10 Reasons Why Ilkley Should Have A Pump Track


Here's 10 reasons why Ilkley should get a pump track. Thanks to everyone who has shown their support for the project so far. Let's make this happen! 

1. Pump Tracks are great for everyone. 

Fact! Pump tracks really are great fun and a well built, well thought about track would be a huge asset for Ilkley, the community in and surrounding the town and for people visiting the area from further afield.  

2. Pump Tracks don't discriminate. 

Nope. Not one bit. You'll still be smiling corner to corner whatever your age, gender, skill level, height, size, fitness, bike you ride and the list goes on. That's what's so good about a pump track. They can be fun for everyone. 

3. Ilkley needs more for younger people to do.  

It's true. There's very little for young people to do in Ilkley. A pump track would be one step, but a great solution. And better yet, to enjoy a pump track all you need is a bike. Don't have a bike? You'll still be able to have fun on a skate board or scooter. 

4. More people will come to the area. 

If we get ourselves an amazing track built, people will come from far and wide. The bigger and better the track, the bigger the draw. More people visiting means more people visiting and spending in local businesses. 

5. It will benefit the local cycling community. 

Ilkley already prides itself on it's vast cycling community. Ilkley Cycling Club is one of the biggest in the county. There's also a strong and talented mountain bike scene and a huge and rapidly growing youth cycling side of the local bike culture. A pump track will be a perfect place to hone in and practise those bike handling skills. 

6. Year round fun! 

You heard it. If we can fund a tarmac track, then expect year round good times to be had. Come rain or shine. 

7. Bringing people together. 

It will help bring people together, regardless of whether they are local or not. Cycling's a great way to socialise, meet new people, get outdoors and keep fit as a byproduct of having fun. 

8. Inside to outside. 

A good pump track will be the perfect excuse for people to put down the phone, get off the games console, turn off the tv and head outside for some fun. 

9. Pump tracks are ace for getting fit. 

The idea of a pump track is that you don't have to pedal to make a full lap of the track. But don't let that fool you. Getting around a pump track without pedalling can be tough work, especially if you're trying to count up the laps. 

10. Ilkley needs it! 

It does. Ilkley's desperate for something new and FREE for people to go and enjoy. That's the great thing about these tracks, they are free for people of all ages and walks of life to go and use. It's hard to argue with that! 

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Sam Needham