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We stood there catching our breath, all of us wetter than the most saturated of otter's pockets, thinking 'they'l be laughing at us if they saw what we were doing right now'. Picture scenes from the Battle of the Somme, then picture three wheelie-bin men on their first day at band camp and you'll be half way to what it felt like dragging half a tonne of sand across a moorland in a domestic bin. At least, that day, we learnt why the wheel barrow was invented. 

picture three wheelie-bin men on their first day at band camp
— Project: gully works

The project in question was to reroute the trail many know as Gully, or 'Top Lads Gully Trail' as it's better known on Strava, after a year or so ago a runner got full t-bone treatment on one of the trail junctions. Bad times for him and not the best of times for the cyclist involved at the time. A year on and the runner is all healed up and as for the cyclist, he's never been seen since. But alas, there we were on one hella' wet day #diggingforhornby and having the best of times doing so. What was a straight line of high speed, gravity defying, pure danger is now a much slower, mellower and surprisingly fun section of trail that means that all users have good visibility of each other and the junction crossing is far, far slower than it was. Not only that, but we've created a trail that is narrower and harder wearing, so should last the test of time. 

Thanks for all those who helped with the Gully works:
Bradford Council  //   Mat Argyle  //  Graham Arnold  //  Rob Dodsworth  //  Archie Elgood  //  Lloyd Beaumont  //  Sam Needham  //  James Pickering


Images: Sam Needham & Graham Arnold

Sam Needham