Ilkley MTB

Trail Rules

A little heads up from us about trail usage and rules of cycling on Ilkley Moor. 


In short... 

  • Please ALWAYS stick to the defined trail. 
  • Digging or riding fresh lines is NOT permitted. Any trail maintenance has to be done with consent and in conjunction with Ilkley MTB and Bradford Council. If you have any queries about this, please get in touch with us. 
  • Please be aware of and respect other trail users. These trails are multi-use trails, not bike trails. Be extra aware on trail junctions, busier areas and blind crests and corners. 
  • Other users always have right of way over cyclists on the moors. 
  • Keep your litter and take it home with you. 
  • Enjoy the trails and the natural goodness of Ilkley Moor. 




a heads up from us...

These are just some of our guidelines to help keep the trails on Ilkley Moor the way they should be. 

  • Please stick to the defined trail and don't cut corners or sections of trail. This is to help keep single track, well, single track. The same goes for riding in fresh tracks on our beloved 'loam'. As tempting as it can be, please do your best not to create fresh tracks. 
  • If you use STRAVA, we'd really appreciate it if you don't share your Ilkley mountain bike rides publicly. We don't want every man and his dog knowing exactly where they are. 
    If you use STRAVA and you're fast, don't cut corners! 
  • Do you like dags'? Please keep in mind that other people and animals use these trails. Look ahead and don't ride like you're on a closed trail. Be aware of other users at all times. 
  • Winter trail usage:
    Through the winter months when the trails are more saturated and prone to getting worn out please be aware of the trails you ride. Sticking to the harder-pack trails and leaving the 'loam' to mature would be appreciated. 
  • Finally. Don't be a dick.

Bradford Council's full rules can be read in the link below. Please adhere to them and respect our right to these trails. The main one's you need to know about listed here. 


  • Please avoid cycling across wet areas and boggy parts of the moor as these are important habitats and can be very easily damaged.
  • Creating obstacles or new trails on Ilkley Moor is prohibited. 
  • Bradford Council, as the landowner of Ilkley Moor, grants lawful authority for mountain bike users to ride on the trails on Ilkley Moor, except for those trails that are identified by Bradford Council as unsuitable for passage by any user. Such trails will be clearly marked.
  • When riding on Ilkley Moor, mountain bike users agree to abide by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) UK Rules of the Trail
  • Mountain bike users agree to give way to other moorland users to avoid conflict. See point 4 of IMBA UK Rules of the Trail
  • Some locations are considered particularly vulnerable and mountain bike users agree to avoid them or ride in such a way as to minimise damage (eg. avoid riding on significantly wet areas or trails, avoid deviating from the trail, stick to surfaced routes where provided) 

For further reading, see: